Qemu and vmware internetworking

Good info on how to get qemu and vmware vms to talk


Accessing a vmware (virtual) serial console in windows

To view a vmware serial console, you need an app that allows you to access the named pipe created by vmware. A lot of people suggest vmware gateway, however there is a more robust utility, Named Pipe Tcp Proxy

Link …

Why do I like it over vmware gateway?

You can specify a different name for the named pipe, access multiple named pipes and allow remote access via telnet to a named pipe.

Here is some doc on the usage

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Definitely worth a look.

Vmware server 2.0 networking

Whew, this took a long time, may not look like much. This is some documentation on how to configure networking in vmware, specifically vmware server 2.0. This is the basis for other documentation I have in the works regarding setting up olives to mock a network of Juniper routers, as well as having Gns3/Dynamips talk to the Juniper router network.


Cisco ASA in vmware

A cisco ASA in vmware, pretty cool. Not everything works, ADSM is not functional and it does not look like you save to the startup-config. All I have found out so far…. Link

Excellent Vmware Server 2.0 Documentation

Very nice documentation regarding installation, features etc.