Excellent Junoscript tutorial

Here is an excellent video by Juniper on how to get started with Junoscript. This video is excellent! I have been writing Junoscripts for a while now and learned some new things from this video, highly recommended.


Download it



Juniper appliances in virtual machines

Just a quick recap of what I know works and what does not, and what I am not sure about. Any ideas or comments please post.


Secure Junos template

At my last job I created a NIST secure checklist for our cisco routers and applied it to each of them. I have been keeping my eye out for a Junos secure template and found one that seems reasonable. Tell me what you think.

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Installing Juniper Networks NSM (Network and Security Manager) on CentOS

Juniper Networks NSM is their central manager for most of their products, soon to encompass their entire line of products. If you want to learn Juniper, you should take some time to learn NSM because it is going to be around a while. Here is a doc on how to create your own NSM server.

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Gre tunnel between a linux host and Junos

I wrote an article on how to set up GRE between a linux host and a Junos device.

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Juniper E-learning

I did not know about the large number of these, but there a quite a few e-learning regarding various Juniper products. If you are interested in learning more about Juniper and their products, it is worth a look.

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Junos Day One guide – Free

Juniper has published a “Day One” guide that talks about getting around in Junos, this is the first in series. A new instalment will come out every three months. Here is the link to the doc in pdf format.

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