About this site

Disclaimer: I cannot provide any junos code or an olive itself. Olives are not supported by Juniper in any way.

I started this site in hopes that it would help others and attract other it engineers to put documentation regarding computers on the internet. I have posted all of my documentation as google knols, the documentation can be found here Link…. Wanted to start this for a looong time, maybe now I will be disciplined enough to keep it up. If you are interested in contributing ping me at hacksjuniper@gmail.com, I would love to have people contribute.

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4 Responses to “About this site”

  1. fir3net.com Says:

    Ive been looking for a while for a netscreen emulator.
    Though I have been unable to find one, I was wondering if you either knew of one, or knew of anyone that have used Olive to work with a newscreen bootmanager.

    Considering that the ns5gt runs without any ASIC`s maybe it could be done ???

    Many Thanks,

    • hacksjuniper Says:

      Hi, I have been looking for one as well and have not been able to find one. I have even tried qemu and a couple of other virtual machine software. The ssg5 are intel arm processors, while the ssg320-ssg550 are intel i386. All netscreen will eventually become JUNOS ES, you can now interchange between screenos and Junos ES on the SSG320-SSG550, they are basically the same hardware as the J series routers. I have created a Jseries ES olive, but many things do not work unfortunately. If I ever find a way to run screenos outside its hardware, I will definitely post.

  2. Reddy Says:

    Hi, thanks for wonderful documentation. did you find a way to run netscreen? thanks,

    • hacksjuniper Says:

      There is no way to run netscreen virtually. Remember that screenos is going away in favor of junos. Your best bet would be to buy an ssg5 or 5gt off of ebay. They are cheap and can run the latest code.

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