Juniper appliances in virtual machines

Just a quick recap of what I know works and what does not, and what I am not sure about. Any ideas or comments please post.



5 Responses to “Juniper appliances in virtual machines”

  1. JI HUAN Says:

    Could you tell me how to unpack Juniper S(IVE) OS?May
    be give me a point.


    • hacksjuniper Says:

      I assume you wan tot put it in a vm? I have never put one in a vm, so I am not sure how to do it. I just know that vm of the Ive do exist.

      • JI HUAN Says:

        I want to put it in a vm,but how to do it?the ive os is bin file,Could you share your info about vm of the ive?If you can,please e-mail to me(,thanks so much

  2. hacksjuniper Says:

    I have never done this. I suspect what someone has done is image the hard drive into a vm. My understanding is that bin file is not the whole image, just the ive files. So you would need a copy or make a clone of the underlying os, partitions etc. Sorry I could not be of more help.

  3. blackice Says:

    Hello Juniper Hacker..

    I really want to say many thanks for your contributions and efforts that really helped many Juniper guys around the worlds, is there is any update or progress regarding SRX hacking,, also i want to offer you my help if you need 🙂 .

    Thanks .. waiting for your replay

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