Working on a VPLS network with trunked ports config

So currently I am working on a project that involves vpls, mpls, rsvp, COS, vlans, trunked ports, ospf and bgp. Once we get all of this working on our meshed M10i network I will have write-up to follow. Unfortunately MPLS does not seem to work in the olives due to the lack of a PFE? I thought this was all handled at the RE level, but from what  I have read this is incorrect. Anyways MPLS based on RSVP signaling does not seem to work. Also hope to have a layer 3 routed switch network config based on the EX4200 and virtual chassis sometime soon. Hopefully I can make up for the lack of activity on this blog 🙂 I will also post the Junoscripts I have working on.